We suggest Spotify Ads for someone who has already established their business on all social media platforms and is looking for that next thing. This is going to be 95% for Brand Awareness. Brand Awareness ads are essentially an online billboard. These reach new people that don’t know who you are, and at the same time reach people that have heard of your brand. The goal of brand awareness is to have everyone in town talking about how they see you everywhere! This is great because the more people hear your name and see you on every platform, the more likely they are to think of your business whenever they are needing something in your brand category. 


Spotify ads make the process great, fun, and easy. There are a lot of different spots that you can place your ads on this platform and different ways you can have your ad translated. This can be through video, text, photo, or voice. The targeting options available to choose who sees your ad include age, location, and gender. If you have more questions on this service, don't hesitate to contact us!