Instagram ads work great for businesses that are trying to reach the younger demographic. This platform is photo and video-based which is great for someone who is on top of their content game. We like to run video ads on this platform such as Selfie Videos explaining your product or allowing the consumer learn more about you on a more personal level. We believe that this platform is best used for letting the consumer get to know you and the behind the scenes of your business instead of always being so sales-focused all the time. It has been proven that when people feel like they know you more on a personal level, they are more invested in you and your business.


In addition, Instagram provides us with a great level of insight that we can use to create your ad. We can show your ad to people through Instagram stories, Instagram Tv ads, and Instagram Feed ads. We also can show your ad to people based on their age, location, gender, occupation, lifestyle, social media habits, and more. If you have more questions on this service, please email us!  

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