Most people ask, "What are Facebook Ads? How do they work?" So for example, whenever you get on Google and search “Nike shoes,” or whatever you may be searching, it will take you to their website. You see a pair you love, so you add them to your cart. You get distracted and busy and don’t ever purchase these shoes. Next thing you know, you're on Facebook and you see the exact same shoes that were in your cart, and you are instantly reminded that you didn’t buy them. This is one example of how Facebook ads work.

If your business has a website, we can place a Pixel (a piece of coding that Facebook gives us) on the header of your website. Once people visit your website then go back to Facebook, that live pixel will instantly be activated, and they will see your ad. We also will write ad copy that gets attention and pulls the reader in. We will place display links which will give them an option to go to your website, landing page, or wherever you choose to send them. 

We will also put a “Call to action button”. This button shows up on your Facebook post and says "Learn More," "Send Message," or "Get Directions." On Facebook we can run ads on peoples timeline according to the lifestyle they live, music they listen to, their age, location, job, and more. Facebook is a great platform to run ads on to reach large amounts of people. Why not run your ads on this popular platform? If you have more questions on this service, please email us!