Total Management

Our total management package consists of 3 steps for small business owners to take their digital marketing to the next level. Since our contracts are month to month, this is what we have found is the most successful for small business owners each month.


1 Giveaway

To boost your presence on Facebook, we will use our expertise to perform 1 giveaway per month on your Facebook. On average, our giveaways see anywhere from 100-1000 Likes, Shares, and Comments. Several of our clients Facebook pages have grown from 0 likes to 2000+ over the course of a few months.


2 Google Ads

If your sales channel is online, it is important to be on Google Ads. Not only does this put you at the top of Google, it also makes up for your lack of SEO. If you do not perform online sales, Google Ads is still beneficial. Brand awareness is our main goal with new clients and exposing you to your ideal clients. Google Ads is a great platform to do that.


3 Facebook Ads

To complete our Total Management Package, we recommend running 3 Facebook Ads. Facebook is the dominant digital channel right now. Small businesses will see a huge benefit from Facebook as we curate ads to put them right in front of their customers.